Helping blind people better discover the world around

With the deterioration and loss of sight, many people have to accommodate for a significant change of lifestyle. Come let us help them have a better life.

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What We Do

Take A Photo

Take a picture with your Smart Phone

Take A Photo

We Do Our Magic

Take A Photo

Receive an answer, e.g. “This is a can of red beans”

MobileEye brings the richness of visual information to blind people using commodity camera phones. The mobile application provides the ability to take guided pictures of your surroundings and “hear” the phone describe it to you.

How We Do

How We Do

MobileEye routes images to two channels

Artificial Intelligence

Engineered to answer the common questions blind people ask, these functions provide quick and accurate answers to:


Color recognition

Text Rendering

Text Rendering


Darkness Detection

Human Intelligence

For more detailed image descriptions, send pictures to your friends and family using MobileEye, and they can receive and respond to your queries on the go through our desktop and mobile sites.

Imagine taking out your mobile phone in a café, pressing the camera shutter button and hearing it tell you there are three people reading magazines, and the menu on the table has a special on fish and chips.
  • Now I can confidently sit somewhere and know what’s happening around me

    Or I can confidently know what’s in the tin of food which I just picked up from my cupboard but I don’t know what it is. Or I can confidently know what colour jumper I’m wearing. That is information that I’ve never had before and never had any way to have. Having this facility I think is fabulous!

    Neil Jarvis
    Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB)

  • I love the MobileEye client

    It has so many uses and is extraordinarily accurate.

    Mara Kelland
    AUT University

  • The best thing is that it works on mobile phones

    MobileEye team is creating something which works on mobile phones – which most of us have - so I don’t have to remember to take another piece of equipment with me when I’m travelling.

    Karen Plimmer
    Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB)

  • It’s so good to be able to work with a tool

    that traditionally and historically something to do with photos, was just out of the league [for blind people]… It makes one just wanting more really!

    Martine Abel
    Auckland City Council

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